A Personal Message from Dr. Albrecht

It's important to realize that Chiropractic care can differ greatly between Chiropractors. There are several reasons for this, such as, college training, philosophy of treatment, experience, type of techniques utilized, hands on skill of the doctor, and other factors.

My philosophy is quite simple and realistic. There is a structural and functional component affecting the cause of your condition or you wouldn't be a Chiropractic case! Thus, my diagnostic workup goes beyond just symptoms such as pain, inflammation or irritation, to the physical cause of those symptoms. For example, if your brand new car was out of alignment and in a brief time your tires showed irregular tread wear, you wouldn't simply rotate your tires and drive on.

That would be treating the symptom of a misalignment.
If, over time, you ignored the structural/functional misalignment of your tires and only rotated them again and again ... then only replaced the tires once beyond rotation ... chances are good that you'd reach a point of no return. The front end of the vehicle, would require major front end "surgery". Now ... apply this concept to the joint symptoms you experience, such as spinal pain, carpal tunnel, headaches from neck tension, etc. In the same way, taking medication, such as pain killers to treat pain, anti-inflammitories for inflammation, or muscle relaxers for muscle spasm are
treating the symptom and not necessarily the cause.

Like ignoring the simple front end misalignment on your car, an aspirin may not solve the problem. And, all though the medications will often cover up your symptoms, eventually the symptoms will return when either the medications wear off or you stop taking them. A lot of my patients since 1982 tell the same story about their symptoms or injuries. "I felt better while on the medications, so my doctor released me from care ... then weeks or months later (no longer on drugs) all the problems came back!" Now, I'm not anti-medication for emergency care, but long term use of any drug IS dangerous to your overall health, and ALL drugs have side effects, even the "safe" over-the-counter ones! Did you realize that approximately 16,000 people die each year directly related to NSAID's (non steroid anti-inflamitory drugs) such as Tylenol. And another 200,000 people are hospitalized annually for severe complications such as gastrointestinal problems related to these "safe" over-the-counter drugs! I believe in "natural" pain relief through correction of the physical structural-functional cause of the problem.

X-rays are an important tool used in my practice to see the joint position and function for correction beyond simply improved motion. In addition, I believe in taking follow-up x-rays to actually measure progress or results of care. Now, many Chiropractors don't check their own work relevant to pre and post x-rays, but I've found it to be a major difference in helping find an end point to care reaching either full correction of a subluxation or knowing when maximum improvement is achieved. I don't believe in ongoing care without proof of benefit. I'd prefer to treat a patient intensely over several days, weeks, or months and release them to their own preventative care, rather than the philosophy of treatment every week(s) or month(s) without release.

Short leg conditions are very common causes of chronic hip, low back and leg pain cases. Many Chiropractors get excellent results of temporary relief with adjustments, BUT, fail to show correction or stabilization of the imbalance by the use of heel lifts or orthotics and post x-rays. Thus the patient will become "dependent" on ongoing care, when quite often the addition of a stabilizing heel lift or orthotic greatly reduces the need for ongoing care.

In conclusion, I only want to treat those cases that would benefit from care. I believe in referring patients for second opinions to other Chiropractors, medical specialists, or physical therapists when indicated. I send patients out for MRI, C-T, bloodwork, etc. I work with several in the medical field who've trusted sending patients to us for a Chiropractic opinion. I welcome every chance to speak with your medical doctor to educate him or her on what I find. We encourage communication, and realize it's the foundation on building a successful doctor-patient relationship. Please call our office and discuss your case with me one on one, ... I can guarantee an honest opinion, and every effort to solve your condition, whether in our clinic or we will send you in the right direction.

Yours in health,

Dr. Kent Albrecht, D.C.

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