The following links are of quality nutrition companies we work with. Because they only sell through DOCTORS, so 100% Quality, no fillers, fraud, lies, deception, etc. and Based upon current research in Literature.

The "grandfather" of all patents within the nutritional and drug company inventions, it's founder, Dr. Royal Lee (Wisconsin) was a genius "ahead of his time" (1930's) and developed one of the greatest nutritional companies of all time. Unique Philosophy that the whole always out weighs it's parts!

A world renowned Herbal based company from Australia, which recently joined with Standard Process of Wisconsin.  Finest of Quality and Philosophy.

A very high quality company, world renown for 100% purity of product and research. Very popular among "natural MD's" studying Functional Medicine with Jeffrey Bland. Must register under our DOCTOR ID

Pioneer in Chiropractic, Dr. M."Ted" Morter Sr., an inspiration in understanding "whole" foods, pH and nutritional significance in treating and preventing dis-ease in the body via fasting, detoxification, and food combining principles way before the mainstream nutritionists and MD's joined in, when it was still considered "quackery" 25-30 years ago. Years before his time!

M.D. that "got it" before it became the "latest",  Dr. Albrecht studied his first book over 25 years ago - "The McDougall Plan" , he is now world renown, a multiple author, authority on Functional Medicine, TV show host (TBN), and runs a world renown Clinic in California.

Not for most Wisconsinites,... this sight has tons of research info. on the harm of milk and dairy on our body! Not well received by A.D.A. or W.D.A. (as you can imagine) or most "politically correct" doctors who have "tunnel vision".  While I disagree with the "religious" perspectives of groups like P.E.T.A. and Vegans, the science articles have legitimate data to study! 

As much as some don't want to hear it --- "Milk, it does a body = BAD!" , (especially Pasturized and Homogenized)"  Remember to use common sense, Cow's milk is for baby cows! Human milk is the perfect food!


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